Pointers To Creating A Tech Career Road Map.

Providing Highlights From An Experts Opinion On Major Steps To Be Taken; Ensuring You're On The Right Tech Path.

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Pointers To Creating A Tech Career Road Map.
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In this article I will be sharing with you informative indicators which I have learnt from my research, that'll ensure a convenient transition into the right path in your new tech career.

Well let's get started...


At first I wondered how self awareness had a connection with building a career in tech as a beginner. It didn't make sense to me and I know right now, you might be experiencing the same confusion as well.

Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself - who you are; and how your actions, thoughts, or emotions align with every move or plan you make.

How do you feel when you do a particular thing? when you listen to a particular topic, do you have the urge to engage or contribute? What would you rather do in your spare time? What motivates you? Are you excited about where you're at now and What have you enjoyed doing to get there?.

These are the self evaluating questions you need to ask to know who you are and what you're good at. It is with the realisation of these things that you're able to collate where you best fit in when it comes to tech paths.



Skills are the expertise or talent needed in order to do a job or task. Like the saying jack of all trade, master of one, there are areas where you Excell more than the other. Taking note of this areas is vital to being in the right place in your tech career.

You might posses a technical skill like photo editing, technical writing, mobile development, Network security, programming language e.t.c or SOFT skills like teamwork, empathy, adaptability, problem-solving, critical thinking e.t.c.


It is important to note and understand the difference between skills and abilities. To have further understanding on this, read about it on thomas :here


A linear path in tech development is one in which changes or progresses are straight from one stage to another, having a starting point and an ending point.



Non-linear tech careers however may begin in one direction, then transition to a different path, sometimes more than once. These shifts typically happen as people make discoveries about themselves and gain new insights about their preferences.

Understand that there's no right or wrong path, wether linear or non-linear. There's no right or wrong road map, it all depends on you. You are the owner of your career journey.

The clarity of your road map largely depends on the opportunities you choose to invest in.

Starting off as a beginner can prove to be stressful, annoying, overwhelming, extremely challenging and intimidating. However, it becomes clearer as you go higher. This means that CONSISTENCY is very vital in building your career road map.

You can consider getting a mentor too, it helps.

Also, it's vital that you endeavour to be unique. Differentiate yourself, stand out. Some of the ways I've learnt you can do this include:

• Be visible • Dress and act a level higher than your role • Have a great attitude • Produce high quality work/project • Share your works & learnings online • Network • Volunteer • Ask questions

I'm willing to put these pointers to good use, after all, these are from my research. My dream is to have a solid foundation in tech so much that I can dive into any aspect with great confidence. To achieve this I've come up with ways to apply these pointers.

I intend to join communities and attend events so I can learn more. Interact and network. Subscribe to tech blogs and read tech articles. Attempt side projects and experiment. Make podcasts to share my growth. Find myself a mentor or a coach.


I'm glad that you got to the end. In this article I have shared with you all I have learnt on how to build a tech career road map and how I'll be applying this knowledge to my tech journey. Subscribe if you found this helpful too! Thank you for being here ☺️. Bye👋

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