Fighting Procrastination & Meeting Deadlines.


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Fighting Procrastination & Meeting Deadlines.
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Putting off tasks till the final moments is threatening, unnecessary and a barrier. Most times we find ourselves in the habit of delaying on important tasks only to redirect our focus on less important and easier activities. In this article I'll be sharing tips on

- Having an in-depth knowledge of what procrastination is and why it happens.

- Overcoming procrastination, enabling us to meet up with deadlines and avoid consequences.

- Building consistency.

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So personally or professionally, procrastination is a negative impact on achieving success. It is necessary to induce practices that will help in overcoming procrastination. Also, you must know when you're procrastinating to be able to battle procrastination. You are procrastinating if you are persuading yourself to do things or to take action.


-Christopher Parker

There is regret in procrastination, to overcome it is to be in a position of wanting more.


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Lack Of Self Discipline:

When you lack the ability to control yourself and will yourself into doing hard work without needing anyone else to tell you what to do, it makes you procrastinate. Being disciplined is an essential requirement for achieving success.

Fear Of Failure / Anxiety:

This can also be referred to as antichyphobia. It is when you put off work that have potential of a successful outcome due to fear of failure or not being good enough. Fear of failure manifest through emotions like anxiety or powerlessness.

Foul Moods:

Being in a foul mood is a reason why we procrastinate. A foul mood leaves you sullen and with a temper which rules out productivity completely.


This is the unwillingness to do work, wanting to be idle. Laziness is not the same as procrastination but it is a reason why we procrastinate.


Certain things distract us and keep us away from productivity. Some of these things might include: noise, active conversations, use of phone for texting and social media, mind wandering e.t.c


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Some of the ways we can fight procrastination are :

Intra-Personal Communication :

Learn to talk to your self about your plan and goals. Consider how far you've come and how far ahead you intend to go. Reprimand your self in areas where you are found wanting.

Be Compassionate :

Don't be too hard on yourself, celebrate little milestone. Be proud of yourself and don't beat yourself up over mistakes or failures, rather be encouraged and try again.

Break Your Tasks Into Little Pieces :

Avoid being overwhelmed, take it one step at a time. Make it simple and achievable.

Awards And Incentives :

Learn to appreciate your self when you do well. Have a reward for your bit by bit achievements. Rewards build eagerness to go higher.

Have A To Do List :

This is the most common way. It is simple and very much achievable. Marking off a task from your to do list also brings a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

Have An Accountability Partner:

Find someone who you can be answerable to. It might or might not be a mentor, but it must be someone who would not tolerate your excuses. It helps to keep you active and on your toes.

Avoid Texting And Social Media Before A Task :

Social media can be a great distraction, it goes from spending few minutes to spending an hour. You eventually loose track of time and get nothing done at the end of the day. If texting and social media isn't helping in your task, put it aside completely.

Stop Seeking Perfection :

Wanting to create or do something perfectly can stop us from doing anything at all. Accept that it will be imperfect. Do your best and learn from the rest.

Take Breaks And Get Motivated :

Most times we get saturated from doing hard works, it is important to take breaks when you feel this way. Go out for a walk or visit a place to find some inspiration to forge ahead.

Share Your Wins :

No matter how little, share your wins. It's a great motivator to want to do more. When people comment on how good your work is or how it has helped them solve a problem, it gives you a feeling of achievement. It helps you want to do more rather than stop.



Consistency is major when it comes to defeating procrastination. To build consistency it is advisable to -

  1. Fight negative emotions.

  2. Forgive your imperfections and move on.

  3. Stay focused on the outcome.

  4. Always remember your reason for starting.

  5. Endeavour to get enough rest and sleep.

Fighting procrastination isn't easy but it takes will power and decisiveness. I hope this article has been helpful to you. I'm glad that you reached the end. If you find this helpful please share and comment.


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